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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Review: Rimmel 'Colour Show Off' Lipsticks

Hi all.

So I'm guessing that everyone, that lives in the UK, has seen the Rimmel advert on tv.. I don't know how you can miss it, it's on about 50 times a day on every channel! It's the one with Georgia May Jagger where she giggles and ganders around with her 'friends' and applied lipstick in shop windows. Yeah, because we all do that!

Anyway, my mum was sold as soon as she saw the red lipstick that Jagger applies in the advert so when we went shopping last week she bought it along with the a lovely bubblegum pink shade. Having seen the advert so many times and hear how the lipsticks are described, it caught my attention.

This is what they say:

Colour Show Off is more than a lipstick – it’s a must-have fashion accessory. With a new state-of–the-art formula boosted with Colour Fix Pigments, Colour Show Off pampers lips with a luscious, ultra lightweight texture that makes them feel sexily smooth.
With full-on, high-definition colours for every day-time, dress-up and show-off occasions – it’s time to step into the spotlight with this ultra-desirable lipstick

This is what I say:

I'm impressed! I've never been a big Rimmel lipstick fan and only own a couple of them from their usual line so when I swatched these in Boots, I immediately noticed the difference. They're definetly "ultra lightweight" in texture and actually feel really good on. Now, I hate lipsticks that feel heavy on the lips.. I don't know if that makes much sense but a prime example would be Ruby Woo by MAC. As much as I love the matte texture, it just feels bulky on which turns me off. However, the formula of the Colour Show Off lipsticks by Rimmel give a semi-matte finish and are very pigmented.

The first swatch is with a flash and second is without.

Juicy! -My lipstick applying skills are rubbish and I was in a rush so please don't point out that it looks like its bleeding already. It wasn't. I smudged it by accident! We're not all perfect. Rant over. Lol.

Same as with the swatches of the red lipstick. The top is taken with a flash and the bottom is without.

Bubblegum :) Perfect for those imaginary Summer days that the UK gets so many of!

However, the only problem with these lipsticks is that they smudge easily and don't last as long as I would like them to. So far I've been able to go an hour without having to re-apply the pink shade, haven't dared the red yet but will let you know what the staying power is with that number. Like all lipsticks there is always a downside and the smudging is definetly the downside for these beauties. Even when swatching the products on the back of my hand, one very light swipe and the colour was spread all over my hand. Definetly not a look that you would want in the office or at a party. Also, the lack of sheen makes me reach for the closest lipgloss to add a touch of dimension to my lips otherwise they risk looking somewhat flat and nobody wants that.

Overall, I really like the formula and the colour pay off with these lipsticks. They do pretty much what they say they will which is a bonus. I guess when pairing the Red Fever with a good lip liner, it would probably stick around much longer so I will definetly be trying it out.

Have you tried the Rimmel Colour Show Off lipsticks yet? What do you think?
As always, drop your comments in the box. I love them!

Take care and remember to
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5 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. I've got Kiss Me (a coral) and Shocking Pink and haven't found they smudge at all, also they last a really long time. I literally didn't have to reapply Shocking Pink at work all day yesterday. I'll have to be careful if I pick these two up.

  2. Hmm.. Maybe its just these two colours then. I was a bit hesitant to get more of these, but if you've not had a problem with them then I might just treat myself ;)

    Thanks for commenting!!

  3. I have Shake-up and that one lasts me a couple of hours, I didn't have any problems with smudging at all :) The only thing I don't like is the super sweet scent, but I love the lipstick!

  4. fab post, i really like that pink BUT i have boycotted Rimmel since learning they test on animals =0/

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