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Friday, 16 April 2010

The Outnet's Big £1 Flop!

Hi all.

Hope you're doing well and for those of you who were up early, I hope you got a couple of extra hours sleep. I did.

So, I'm sure you all heard that The Outnet was doing a £1 sale to celebrate their 1st birthday which meant that everything on their site, or what we thought was everything on their site, was going to be for £1 for 1 day only. Oh how wrong were we!?!

First of all, I was under the impression that we were allowed to have atleast 5 items or something of the sort all for £1 each. Wrong. Shoppers were only allowed 1 item and one lucky 'golden ticket winner' would be allowed to have 5 items. When we, when I say 'we' I mean everyone I know that rsvp'd, found this out we weren't too happy but we got over it.

I'm pretty sure everyone that rsvp'd started scoping out The Outnet site and shorlisting everything that they wanted. I couldn't decide what I wanted in the first place but decided on a Jimmy Choo handbag, which later turned out to be sold out already, then an Alexander McQueen bag that was still up for sale. I know that the rest of the girls were doing the same because there was a couple of threats of stamping on Jimmy Choos (You know who you are, ladies! Haha)

When today rolled around, we were all ready. Armed with a list of things we would want and how quickly to get to them. Boy, were we wrong!

The sale went live at 7.24am - I know, such a random time! Not everyone has a BlackBerry or iPhone where they get their emails as and how they come in so that was the first downfall. However, I happened to wake up and had logged on to my email via my laptop by 7.30. The link in the email took me straight to The Outnet website so my impression was "Ok, we can buy what we want! Happy days!" WRONG!

I had already set my sights on a McQueen handbag and happily skipped off to the checkout although this was more like at a snail pace because the site was moving so slow. Got there, got passed the log-in which was more than a lot of people got past and finally got to shipping. It was at this point when I realised that the price had not been adjusted. Erm, I thought it was a £1 sale!?!? Clearly not.

I know how the poor kid feels. I felt like that this morning!
After tweeting about my frustration and not knowing what to do next, I ended up tweeting The Outnet and getting a ridiculous reply back saying that not everything on the site was in the sale. Well, DUH! That was pretty clear to me when I had to enter my payment details and get charged for a £600 handbag. Unlike some people, I knew this was a load of crock so didn't bother whereas a fair few others had entered their payment details and been charged the full amount (I'm hoping they're getting a refund for the confusion!)

In the end it turned out that almost nobody that I knew, bloggers and tweeters alike, had been able to bag themselves a bargain on The Outnet sale and most of us had been shut out in the cold. Well, not in the cold per se but you get my point.

However, it seems that 800+ people did get through and were able to snag some swag and were probably grinning ear to ear. I don't blame them, I would be too if I had bought a £1000 dress for a quid! It was only after The Outnet started tweeting a bit more that I really got wound up.

Suddenly, the entire RSVP system became a lottery. Some people were lucky enough to be redirected to the "Sale" section whereas others (like me) were redirected to the main site. How is that even remotely fair!?!?! It's not.

I'm over it now but at 8am this morning, I certainly was not.

I think a tweeter on Twitter put it best:
"The Outnet sale was like being invited to a party, being chauffer driven there, getting to the door and then being punched in the face." - I couldn't agree more.

What about the rest of you? Did you manage to bag a bargain or did you give up and jump back into bed?

I'll be back later with a looksie at the Sleek palettes I was given by Mandy!

Take care and remember to

Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your


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6 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. Grr!

    I cannot imagine how annoying this was for you, but I hope they do something for all their angry and misled some sort of a consolation sale. And that it is MUCH better organised.



  2. I got something, but it wasn't on my wish list. And yes, I scoped out the site but was surprised at what was on sale too! Plus, everything was sold out so fast (like 7 minutes?)!

    I might had been lucky to get something, but I feel bad for you and my sisters who were too late by 5 minutes!

    <33 Rena

  3. P.S. The U.S. sale started at 6! Luckily I was awakened by my baby!

    <33 Rena

  4. Haha I thought this whole thing was a farce I got the link but every time I clicked on it got a "sorry we're busy right now" page!! grrrrrrrrrr

  5. this sounds so awful! and what a ridiculous time to start the sale too..

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