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Saturday, 17 April 2010

NOTD: China Glaze 'Puple Panic'

Hi all.

Another day and another nailpolish shade!
The sun has been out again on this end so I thought I'd pull out the bright hot pink and I've received so many compliments on this. I kind of nicked this off Mandy the other day and I don't plan on giving this back to her anytime soon. Sorry lovely, but this badboy is staying with me!
It's by China Glaze and called 'Purple Panic (Neon)'
This is what is looks like on (with flash):

and sans flash:
Isn't it just b.e.a.utiful!?!
It reminds me of MAC 'Girl About Town' lipstick which is a gorgeous blue toned hot pink and I love that just as much as this beauty.
The formula is nice, much like all other China Glaze nailpolishes. The first coat goes on fairly thin but 3 coats later and you have this lovely pearly finish which reflects a purple-ish tinge too.
However, me being me I had to find something wrong with it, it chips really easily. I've only had this shade on for 2 days and there's already signs of wearing at the tips and I hate when that happens but I won't let it stop me from wearing it. I'll just pair it with a good top coat and make the finish glossy! There's always a way around it ;)

That's all for today folks.
Take care and remember to

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