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Sunday, 11 April 2010

NOTD: 17 'Orange Soda'

Hi all.
So it's been quite a nice weekend over here for once. No rain, some clouds and a whole lot of sunshine (well, not loads but still.. It's enough for the UK!)
Having finally finished my course of antibiotics and all sorts, I thought I'd do a nice bright shade of nailpolish to go with the sudden burst of sunshine :)

Here it is:

Aptly called 'Orange Soda'("Who loves orange soda? Kellll loves orange soda. Is it true? Mmmmhmmmm. I do I do I do I dooo-ooo.. Sorry, just taking a gander down memory lane with Kenan & Kel! Haha)

It's a gorgeous peachy orange and is perfect for the sunshine! It's the colour that I really wanted Models Own 'Fuzzy Peach' to be except that turned out to be two shades too dark after two coats.

The downside to this colour is the formula. The first coat went on really streaky. The second coat went on a tad streaky. The third coat didn't really give me the opaque finish I wanted so I actually had to give it four coats! I usually do 3 coats with any nailpolish and happy with it but that was not the case with this beauty. Four coats later, I had a vibrant and completely opaque finish which I then topped off with a few drops of OPI Drip Dry and I was ready to roll.

I don't know if that's the case with all 17 nailpolishes but it definetly was with this one. My mum bought me another 17 nailpolish in Seabreeze so I'll let you know if the consistency is any better with that one.

17 nailpolishes are currently on sale in Boots with a great 2 for £5 offer so head down there and pick up a couple :)

If you've used these before, what other shades would you recommend? Let me know!

Until next time my loves...

Take care and remember to

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