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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

MAC Collections: Are You As Bored As I Am?

Hi all.

This is my second post of the day.. Aren't you a lucky bunch!?
I tried to have a power nap but it just wasn't happening so I ended up lazing around, nibbling at a Mini Roll and drinking juice through a straw. Fun times.

Anyway, having just finished browsing through the new MAC collections that finally went live on the website today, I have to say that I was quite unimpressed. After having read about the much hyped 'Give me Liberty of London' collection, which went on sale in stores last week, I wasn't excited about anything. Not the lipsticks or the lipglasses and definetly not the eyeshadows. I don't know if it's just me but the whole collection just seemed so yawn inducing that and bland.

The promo pic for Give Me Liberty of London - As colourful as it is, the shades are so blah!

Then I scrolled over to the 'Art Supplies' collection which was met with another yawn. I don't understand the excitement around greasepaint sticks. It could just be me that doesn't get them, because I know some people that think they are the best thing since sliced bread. Really.
Maybe I didn't get the hype because I didn't like the consistency of them or the fact they look like they're going to crease before you even get to layer a shadow on them but they didn't score any brownie points in my books. No sir-ee.

The promo pic for Art Supplies - Another blah.

Like many of you, I get the skinny on upcoming collections from Temptalia. The one stop shop for all things exclusive in the make up world! So having just taken a look at what Summer 2010 has to offer the US (so basically Autumn 2010 for the UK) I have to say that I'm not that excited. Apart from the 'Pret-A-Papier' and 'To The Beach collections, there's nothing else that jumps out at me and says BUY ME!
To The Beach literally makes me giddy with excitement because its a huge collection and isn't based on neutrals. Theres colour and cute packaging and adorable tote bag. Theres new shades and a wide range of products. It feels like MAC is actually going back to what it used to be best at. Fun and colour!

Photos taken from Temptalia

Maybe there's a teeny tiny bit of hope yet for the rest of the year, but until those two collections come out I think I'll keep my wallet firmly in my handbag and finger away from the 'Checkout'.

What do you think? Are you excited for the new MAC collections?

As always my lovelies...

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7 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. Funny you say that because if anything it's the impending To the Beach collection that bores me silly. The only thing going for it is the promo image of the chick in the sunnies. I just know it won't impress me in the flesh at all.

    MAC collections are a personal preference. What 100 people love, 100 will hate. There's always something for everybody at some point and that's why the brand is as popular as it is.

    Roll on In the Groove in August (UK release)!

  2. I'm very bored with the collections at the moment. As much as I loved the Liberty of London packaging, none of the products really appealed to me. I am excited for the To the Beach collection, it's much more my taste!

  3. i completely agree. i dont understand the hype around greasepaint sticks either. i'm kind of glad though, because it means i'll save a lot of money :)
    great post :)

  4. bah bloody humbug, i love the Liberty packaging and the products =D all i got is the birds & berries e/s and the ever hip lippie, woop!


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  6. Hi! I'm a new follower :) Great post!! Go against the grain. They're still advertising this new range in their emails etc. I do have to admit the packaging is really gorge though~ But yup - saves a lot of people money!

    Btw - read your tag post below. You'd love HK! Vibrant, fast-pased & fantastic for clothes & make-up shopping!

    Love Tx


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