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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Kitten Heels: Love Or Loathe?

Hi all.
I've never really posted a rant on here but I thought this matter of business needs to be dealt with. I guess the title gave it away but I want to know your views on KITTEN HEELS.

For those of you that don't know what they are, they're the most unflattering and ugliest type of shoe I can think of. Ok, I think Crocs are ugly too but I shamefully have to admit that they are actually really comfortable (I don't own them, my mum does!)

Kitten heels, on the other hand, are hideous and shouldn't even exist! I know that I'm probably being biased because I'm short and therefore they don't really do anything for me but I just can't understand why any woman would want to invest in a pair of these. I'd rather pop into Clarks and buy myself a pair of granny waddlers!

It pains me to see Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo branch out in to the kitten heel territory. They probably have some sort of clientele that love their take on the ugly shoe but I plead with them to stick to what they know and do best - skyscrapers.

So you can imagine that while flicking through the latest issue of one of the glossies, I see a whole feature on kitten heels. Seriously people, KITTEN HEELS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!

The glossy magazine in question gives a wide selection of the horrid shoes and actually suggests that they are a good substitute for skyscrapers...


Kitten heels are not a reasonable substitute for actual stilettos. Not by a long shot.
I'd rather wear cute or stylish ballet pumps instead of that awkward half inch heel that makes me feel as if I'm about to fall over.

Personally, I think that only women over 5'11 should wear kitten heels because wearing a 6 inch stilettos may intimidate all the dinky men of the world. That is the only exception! If you're shorter than 5'11, you have no excuse for wearing the dreaded heel. At all.

I think I've made my point loud and clear. I know there are many of you that will agree with me and my undying hate for the dinky-shouldn't even exist-stupid kitten heel but then there will be some (God knows why) that will completely disgree and sing their praises.

I for one will not be listening to that small minority! How about you??

What are your thoughts on the kitten heel making an unwelcome comeback? Love or loathe?
Drop your 2 cents in the box!

I'm off to rest for a while now while the painkillers kick in.

Take care and remember to

Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

-6inchstilettos- (NOT YOUR FUGLY 1 INCH WONDERS. Haha)

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11 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. i agree i think think they're pretty ugly and agree with you abou the height thing. im tall but i would NEVER EVER wear kitten heels but i cant wear crazily tall ones either! good post :)

  2. Personally I think they only look good shaped like the 3rd pair and with trousers that are long enough and come either with a wide leg or bootcut fit. I see people wearing them to work all the time where 5 inch heels aren't always appropriate, so whatever really.

    I won't be wearing them this S/S though. Kitten heeled sandals are for the 'older generation' IMO.

  3. haha i read this too!! i have one pair, yes they are Gucci but still awful, never worn!!shame! have no idea why I bought them!

  4. They're nowhere near as stunning as a proper pair of heels....but I admit to owning a pair that I wear to London when I am trekking around on client visits. I have to say though that they make me feel positively geriatric and I loathe wearing them.

    But I know people who love kitten heels for events where you're standing around a lot (ie weddings) as they are less hard on the balls of your feet. But no, aesthetically, they aren't that great.

  5. Kitten heels to me have always seemed rather dated. I think that high heels are just a lot more attractive. I couldn't imagine a night out without a pair. I'm 5"6 1/2 normally and I LOVE being that extra bit taller with a good pair of heels on xx

  6. As popular as they may be with city girls, that still doesn't make them right. I know not everyone feels the same about them but I wouldn't be caught dead in them!

  7. LOL, I HATE kitten heels, Am. I am 5'8" and hate them. You are right on the money with this one. ;-)

  8. Lol - so you won't be buying any then?! I agree they don't look as good as high heels...and are definitely not as sexy! I'm not great at walking in heels full stop though - any tips?xx


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