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Thursday, 8 April 2010


Hi all.

As you all know I've been on a hardcore job hunt since finishing uni last year but with the state of current economic climate, it's just not happening. However, I refused to let it get me down and decided that I had to stay optimistic because negative energy attracts negative vibes. Yes, I believe that if you send out positive vibes then you attract positive things. No, I did not get the idea from the new age philosophy gobble-di-gook 'The Secret'. Its just common sense.

You reap what you sow. That kind of malarky.

Anyway, having decided that I should utilise social networking sites a lot more instead of updating my 140 characters every 140 seconds, I came across Karena Sedgwick. A stylist, blogger, events manager and social butterfly all wrapped in to one chic and fabulous lady. It just so happened that Karena was looking for contributors for her website,
My New Best Friend.
Well, me being the networker and blabbermouth that I am, I contacted her.

After sharing a few emails and discussing what the role would be, I sent Karena a 500 word article about what I thought the hottest and must-have accessory was this season - Its the satchel bag, just incase you were wondering.

So low and behold, she loved it!

Out of the other 4 applicants, I got the job!!!

I couldn't believe it when I checked my emails this morning. I actually had to re-read it about 3 times to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

You're now looking at the FASHION FOCUS FEATURES WRITER!!!!
*does happy dance which looks somewhat like a chicken dance*

I can't wait to get started on articles for the site. They're going to be somewhat different to my regular blogs as they will be more fashion orientated and I won't be rambling on about my life as I do on here.
Not to fear though, I will still be blogging away as usual on here but you can still check me out on the
MyNewBestFriends website too :)

Will let you all know when my first article is up. I'll want all of your feedback on it so you're allowed to be brutal. Just not too brutal beacuse that's just mean!

Love, hugs and all that sweetstuff!!

Keep on walking tall with that swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your


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  1. Congrats !!!amazing news xx

  2. Congrats! Annnnd I've been using a satchel as a bag since 2002! It's not the same one of course, I've chopped and changed. I started with a £12 cheapo one from Etam, then I got a denim one from Dotty P's, then another corduroy one from the same place..another one I can't remember but totally loved it at the time. Then I got the Mr a really nice striped one from Mulberry and stole it for myself..I'm still using that one now.

    In closing, satchels FTW.


  3. Congratulations!!! You totally deserve it, wish more good things will come your way, especially a job that you love. And pays well, goes without saying. ;)


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