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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Review/Rave: Company Magazine 'High Street Edit'

Hi all.

Before I start let me just say that this isn't going to be a normal beauty related posts like my usual ones. Instead, this is a review/rave of the new magazine issued by Company (Yes, I know the title of the post gives it away but some people don't read the title!)

One of my favourite tweeters and followers Adele Chidwick, the Art Director at Company magazine who you can follow HERE, was tweeting about this badboy for weeks on end saying how excited she was. Now I know why. It hit the news stands a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to nab one the day after it came out from my local Tesco.
The cover is stood out immediately from the shelves and literally screamed "Pick me! Pick me!"

Striking cover girl, different fonts and the hint of a 20% off at RARE was enough for me to grab it and happily skip off to the checkout to pay for it. So I got it home, sat down with a cup of tea and let page after page of gorgeous prints and tales wash over me.

Cue dodgy pic:

So, what's so different about this magazine compared to the standard issue of Company, I hear you ask???

Well, the first thing you'll notice is the paper it is printed on. As opposed to the normal glossies that we all know and love, the High Street Edit is printed on a matte type of paper (I have no clue what its called!) that is somewhat thicker than the usual type. Now I know it might not be a major point to cover but I like this. It makes the magazine stand out compared to flicking through a glossy. Maybe its just me. Oh well.

Much like the title of the magazine suggests, the issue is based around high street clothing. Although I love my copies of Vogue as much as the next fashionista, having a magazine based solely around what is available of the high street is not only convinient but its a breath of fresh air. Personally, I know that I probably wouldn't be able to afford half of what is in Vogue or other types of magazines so its nice to have a magazine that can show you what's 'in' on the high street.

Continuing on with the content of the magazine... From up and coming designers across the globe to bloggers to watch, the magazine seems to cover all points. There's even a segment on the beauty trends to keep an eye on this Spring/Summer for all those that need their hit of make up related gossip (I definetly come under that umbrella!). The High Street Edit hits all the points that a high street fashionista would need to know and want to know.

Some of my favourite prints and tales from the magazine are:

There are plenty more bits and bobs that I loved from the magazine but I was trying to keep this post photo-light so I picked my favourite segments :)

The RRP for the magazine is £3.99 but it's definetly worth it so make sure you run out and grab one before its too late! Plus, the 20% off code for RARE is too good to miss!

Have you flicked through the High Street Edit yet? What are your favourite stories or prints that you're going to be heading out to buy? Let me know in the box at the bottom!!

Take care my loves and remember to

Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your


Small print: I wasn't paid or anything for this review/rave type thing. Had to clarify that.

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  1. Ok-magazine looks good but I probably can't find it here! ;) What I noticed is your blue-ish nail polish!!! IT'S AWESOME!! What it is it??

  2. I rushed out to get this when it hit the shelves... it's brilliant, a refreshing change to the world of fashion magazines!

  3. I bought this yesterday, it's truely beautiful =)


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