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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Random Ramblings :)

Hi all.

I figured I hardly ever post random chit chat on here so thought I'd do a quick one about goings on from the week and what's coming up next on the blog :)

The week has been pretty vanilla for me and nothing excited. Been at work for most of it and at hospital for 2 days trying to get my ankle sorted. Finally got round to having an MRI scan done on it so I'm hoping the doc will know what's wrong with it when I go in and see him on Tuesday. I'm hoping that its nothing overly serious because I can't live a life without stilettos as I have done for the last few months!

This weekend has been relatively quiet and relaxed which was exactly what I wanted. I worked and then kicked back at home which I rarely do on a Saturday night but it was nice to crack open a bottle of vino and eat pizza. All class, I am! Haha.
So far today I've made cupcakes that I've called 'Swirly Wirly Wonky Wonders' because they're exactly what they sound like. After a chat with a friend about Nutella cupcakes, I googled a receipe for them and got to work. I'll let you know what they're like after I try one and if they're nice then I'll post pics and the receipe on here :)

Ooh and I painted my nails. Again. This time its back to my trusty Rimmel PRO Lycra in POP ROSE. Isn't it pretttyyyy!? I definetly recommend this colour and this type of nailpolish. It has a massive brush which makes application easy and quicker. It lasts for a few days which is good enough for me because I get somewhat bored with the same colour for any longer.

So what to expect this week from moi...

- A few more Inspired: Alice In Wonderland eye makeup posts

- Hopefully a piece from my guest blogger ;)

- A haircare product rave

- Jewellery storage ideas

and I'm sure there will be a few EOTD/NOTD/FOTD moments in there too! Stay tuned!

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What have you lot been up to this week and weekend? Let me know in the comment box at the bottom!!

Take care my loves and remember to

Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing you


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