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Monday, 8 March 2010

FOTD/EOTD - Saturday 6th March '10

Hi all.

I know I posted up one of these FOTD/EOTD things on Saturday but I went out again in the evening so I thought I'd share the pics of the look with you all.

I went to a baby shower but it wasn't anything fancy so I kept the eye make up pretty straightforward. No shimmer, no glitter and no special eyeliner. I have to admit that I actually
prefer just simple eyeshadow or make up because its easier to do and takes less time.

- Urban Decay primer potion
- Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow in 'Ruthless' = All over the lid up to the crease
- Urban Decay 'Vorpal' from Alice In Wonderland palette = In the crease and outer V
- MAC 'Next To Nothing' eyeshadow = Used as a highlight
- Rimmel 'Exaggerate' liquid liner = Upper lash line
- Make Up For Ever 'Smoky Lash' = Mascara
- MAC 'Feline' kohl power eyeliner = Bottom water line
FOTD: - MAC Select Tint Moisturiser
- MAC 'Accentuate/Sculpt' duo = Contouring cheekbones
- Illamasqua 'Tweak' powder blush
- Rimmel 'Show Off' lipstick
- ELF Studio Minty Lipgloss 'Los Angeles'

I need a new tinted moisturiser so let me know which ones you think are worth the money! I'm most probably going to get the Laura Mercier one because its pretty self explanatory. Its the best. However, if there are ones you can recommend then drop it in the comments box!

Next post is going to be 'February Favourites' so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Take care and remember to

Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your


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3 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. Looking gorgeous again sweets! Vorpal didnt look too good on my fair skin, but looks good on your olive complexion =D

    No.7 tinted moisturiser is actually really good, and with the £5 off vouchers floating about atm it will only be a fiver =P


  2. Love this eye look on you I'll definatley attempt a copy cat eye tomorrow. Thanks for inspiration x

  3. Thanks for the comments girls :)

    Noobs: I'm a bit hesitant with the No.7 TM because my cousin had a breakout with it.... Maybe it was just her though :S

    Pinkalishy: I'm sure it'll look great on you too. Thanks for commenting and following the blog :) x


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