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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Cheap n Cheerful Jewellery Storage

Hi all.
I've been asked a couple of times about how I store my jewellery as I seem to accumulate so much of it in short spaces of time. It's not my fault. I'm just a sucker for pretty things!

This is how I store my jewellery that I tend to reach for most often. I actually have storage boxes beyond storage boxes full of jewllery pieces that I've purchased or been given by family and friends but if I was to show how I store those I'd probably be here all day. Really, there's A LOT!

So, this is how I'm storing my bracelets, chains/necklaces and small studded earrings:

I know it looks messy but in reality it really isn't! Everything has a place!

I'm using mug trees (I think that's what they're called) that I got from Tesco for £4.99 to hold my chains, necklaces and bracelets. After seeing a few people using kitchen roll holders to store their braceless, I thought these nifty things would be even better because I wouldn't have to take everything off to retrieve one bracelet.

The earring holder was bought off eBay for £2.00 including postage and packing which was a bargain and now I love it. I'm still in the process of fitting all my studs and small earrings on there hence the big gap in the middle. I never thought I owned that many pairs of earrings. Consequently, I was wrong.

I've also got bracelets hanging off the necklace tree because they match something on there and I didn't want to split them up. I'm lazy and can't be bothered to look for them elsewhere so I figured I'd keep them together for convinience.

What I really want to invest in now is something to hang all my rings off of. I think I might scour eBay for one of those!

How do you store your jewellery? Or do you leave it lying around in an organised mess? Let me know your ideas and storage solutions!!

Take care and remember to

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