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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tutorial: Arabian Eyes

Hi all

I know this tutorial type post was meant to be almost 2 weeks ago but my laptop died on me and had to be sent to Poland to be repaired.. Don't ask!!
Anyway, its back so I wanted to get this post up A.S.A.P!

A few weeks ago I was asked by a follower of mine on Twitter if I could do a step-by-step tutorial on how to do Arabian Eyes, so I played with some eyeliner and took some photos then let her decide which she preferred. So she chose the heavier liner look and here I am, uploading photos to explain each step.

Now I know it probably would have been easier to make this a Youtube video and then link it to my blog or Twitter but there are a few reasons why I didn't. These are:

1. There are far better tutorials out there about how to get this kind of look and would rather not be put to shame. Sad, but true.


2. I'm not that great at this blogging thing let alone Youtube-ing so I'd better leave it to the Pros!

Ok so now that I've cleared that all up, I give you my T.I.P (Tutorial In Photos, trying to be creative here!)

Make sure you leave your comments and/or requests in the comments box at the bottom. You're feedback is always a good thing, unless you're going to be mean!


Take care and remember to

Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your


Products I used:
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW35
Rimmer 'Exaggerate' Liquid Liner (Its the one with a really thin brush. Not the felt tip)

1) Start out with a clear canvas. Prep the eye with a good concealer.

2. Using a thin liner, start from the inner corner and draw a thin line all the way over the lash line. Do not take it right to the end though because the flick will be wider than a normal cat eye flick.
Try not to stretch the eye to do this, the skin around your eyes is very soft and elastic but that doesn't mean it'll always bounce back!

3. It should look something like this, but hopefully without the mistakes!

4. From the outer corner, draw a flick going up and out. You're going to join up the top liner to the end of the flick.

5. So it looks something like this.

6. You then need to colour in the flick. I used the same eyeliner all throughout but you can always use a gel liner if you prefer.

7. After filling in the flick, I used the liquid liner to go over my bottom lash line. Note: I did not use the liquid liner for my waterline. Just the bottom lash line.

8. By the end, it should look like this! It did get messy on the lashes but that can be easily fixed by running a dry Q-Tip or cotton bud over the lashes to remove the wet liner.

9. This is what your eye should look like. I know I didn't tidy up the extra bits of liner but thats just me!

10. To create the point in the inner corner, I drew a slight line from the lid, on to the side of my nose. This was NOT joined to the top liner, it just looked like it. Try to draw on the line from where the top liner finished.

11. I then did the same step with the bottom. I did NOT just carry on the same line from my bottom liner. I simply picked up where I left off.

12. Fill the inner flick with the liner.

13. TA-DA! It should look something like this!

14. Both eyes

15. You can even get a bit creative and add some of your own artwork. All I did was flick the brush of the liner and thats what I got.
Remember to leave your comments in the box!!! xxx

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