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Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Mascara Monologues

Hi all.

So for those of you that have been followers of my blog since the beginning, which I'm guessing isn't very many of you, you'll have probably read my first ever post on here about mascaras. If you haven't then hunt for it!

Over the last couple of months I've gone through so many mascaras in the hopes that they'll suddenly transform my badboys into long luscious feathery lashes with the sweep of a brush but I've had no success.
From high street to high end, I've tried most of them! Potions and serums just don't seem to make the cut either.

This led has led me to question whether there is a perfect mascara out there. I know everyone has different lashes and all that malarkey but for those that have sparse, straight and short-ish lashes.. Its hell! We've not all been blessed with long lashes and I seem to have come up with the short end of the stick.

Below is a list of all the mascaras I've been using over the last month or so and how I feel about it. This doesn't relfect any other products by the brand or anybody elses experiences with them. This is all about me (Well, really its to help you but its about my lashes. Lol).

The mascaras I'm reviewing are (and in no particular order):

1. Benefit 'Bad Gal Lash' (Sample size)
2. No.7 'Extreme Length' (Sample size)
3. Max Factor 'False Lash Effect'
4. Rimmel 'The Max VolumeFlash'
5. Maybelline 'Lash Stiletto'
6. Maybelline 'The Colossal'
7. Maybelline 'The Falsies'
8. Maybelline 'Pulse Perfection'
9. Urban Decay 'Skyscraper Multi-Benefit'
10. Loreal 'Double Extention'
11. Revlon 'Double Twist'
12. Make Up For Ever 'Smoky Lash'
13. YSL 'Faux Cils'
Prior to this post I have also used: Lancome 'Defincils', Christian Dior 'DiorShow', MAC 'ZoomLash', Maybelline 'Volum Express' and Givenchy 'Phenomeneyes'. I didn't include these as I haven't used them in the last 1-2 months or I've already binned them.
1. Sample size so didn't really get a lot of formula in there. The brush is big but the bristles are too thick. Not tempted to buy the actual one so it gets a 2/5.
2. I'm not a big fan of the plastic bristle brushes because they don't seem to do anything for my lashes. Considering this was a sample size there was a fair amount of mascara in there. From what I've used, I like the formula so am tempted to pick up the big one = 3/5
3. Absolutely hated this mascara with a passion. The formula was strange and not something that I like. Another one with plastic bristles, but unlike others the brush was fairly large so they get brownie points for that. The rest of it was kind of blah = 2/5
4. Utter crap! I know there are some people out there that think this mascara is amazing but it was another that I hated. The formula was horrible and the brush was even worse. Started clumping after 2 weeks = 0/5
5. I was a big fan of this mascara when I was using it. I heard some people say it was a pain to remove but it was fine. The brush never clumped and still hasn't clumped. The formula was quite good and a couple of coats would do the trick. Only negative was the smell = 4/5
6. I was excited to try this because of the "stiletto" part of it. The advert had me sold when I saw the girl wearing stilts and tottering around (Yeah I'm kind of weirdo like that. Oh well). Bought it. Opened it. Hated it. Crap brush. Clumps like hell. Smells. = 1/5
7. A relatively new mascara on the market and the brainchild of some person over at Maybelline. Looks like they're finally catching on to the trend of the bent brush thing. Nice formula although its a bit goopy and goes on wet (Yes I know that mascaras are wet but I don't like the feeling that my lashes have got a load of gunk on them). The brush is a normal one and not the weird plastic crap. Lifts and fans the lashes so gets a 4/5.
8. I've had this a few months and its still going strong so majorly impressed there. I bought this before it came out in the UK off Ebay because I couldn't wait any longer. Even though its got a plastic bristle brush, I was impressed with it and the vibrating element although I know some people aren't = 4/5
9. Got this with in a "Hall of Fame" kit from Urban Decay. The brush is different to those I've used before because it is a lot softer and doesn't feel like plastic but more rubbery. Nice formula too so I'm tempted to get the full size version = 4/5
10. Rubbish. Made my lashes dry and flaky. Didn't fan them or any lift them. 0/5
11. After seeing the Now Beauty Editor tweet about this on Twitter, I was excited. However, once I got it and started using it I wasn't so excited anymore. The brush is made of plastic and normal bristles which are intertwined. I'm guessing its meant to brush and comb through your lashes. After a few attempts it started to grow on me. The formula is really thick so you have to clean off all the excess before coating it on your lashes and I only tend to do one coat and then going over it with another lighter mascara. I'll give them a 3/5 for trying with the new brush.
12. Got this one off Ebay because MUFE isn't sold in many places in London. Didn't really understand the hype about it and still don't understand it. Yes, its a nice mascara. Yes, the product is good. But thats about it for me. The brush tends to gather clumps so takes a while to work with. = 3/5
13. I guess I kind of saved the best for last. Out of all the mascaras I've "reviewed" this has to be my fave so far. The lightweight formula means you can layer it as much as you want or don't want. It smells divine. The bristles on the brush aren't thick so catch each lash seperately. I am tempted to try the Singular mascara as I've heard great things about it. = 5/5

I'm sure some of you will either agree or disagree with my mini ranting review type things but like I said, its my opinion. I'm not saying you'll have the same experience with them that I did so if you've tried one and it worked wonders for you then I'm glad!

Let me know what mascara you're using and if you'd recommend it. I'd love to know!

That's all folks so until next time!

Take care and remember to

Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your


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7 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. Nice post, Have you tried Too faced - Lash injection. seems to do wonders for me!

  2. That's a lot of mascaras to have tried!

    The one mascara that is now my HG mascara is by Clarins, my lashes are pretty long anyway but I always want them to look longer and thicker.

    It's called Wonder Perfect, I reviewed it on my blog and you can really see how long my lashes look and it doesn't clump or make your lashes feel crispy.

    Another one that I love is My Biggest Lashes by Prestige.


  3. Ok I have no more courage left-I've written this comment twice and I lost it both times so this is the very short version:

    -Estée Lauder mascaras-esp Magnascopic I strongly recommend.
    -best mascara I ever tried was an Yves Rocher one I found on sales at 8 euros. They've discontinued it and I'm miserable! I still use the brush though-it's totally dry and it still works-go figure!

    Ouf... No more drama with Blogger today I hope...


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