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Monday, 1 February 2010

IMATS London: My Dinky Haul

Hi all.

Hope you're all doing well and keeping warm in the crappy weather we're going through, unless you're fortunate enough to be under the sun!

So for those of you that follow me on Twitter, you'll know that on Saturday I went to IMATS at Alexandra Palace in London, and it was amazing. Crowded. But amazing!

Having never been to one of these before, I was really excited because I had heard all about them from Youtubers that attended last year. Well, naturally I wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to go and have a nose around so booked my tickets 2 months in advance! I like to be prepared.

Anyway, I'm not going to ramble on too much because I'll keep that for my next post where I'll include photos that I took and people that I met.

On to the fun stuff... What I bought:

My rinky dink haul!

From MAC Pro, as there was no normal MAC: Atlantic Blue (left) and Coral (right). I had been looking for a cobalt blue shade for a while so was excited when I saw this one and the coral shade was just too pretty to miss!

MAC Pro: 15 pan palette. I know that theres nothing special about this but I needed one so was on my list!

MAC Pro: A cream colour base in Soft Rose. I fell in love with this the minute I swatched it. Just the right amount of shimmer and pink.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: My very first lip tar! I went for the one called Pageant. Its a gorgeous hot pink that it is wearable in day or night. Although, I'd probably save it for night!

Illmasqua: Hot pink powder blush called Tweak. I regret not picking more goodies up from Illamasqua seeing as everything was pretty much half price!

Crown Brushes: There were so many brushes to choose from that I got a bit lost and spoilt for choice. I opted for: (L-R) a blending brush, shader brush, blush brush and a duo-fiber stippling brush.

Royal Brushes: Another brush stall where I got lost! There were just so many brushes to choose from so I ended up getting: (L-R) a fine eyeliner brush, a tapered crease brush and a flat eyeliner brush. However, I probably won't use the flat eyeliner brush for its main purpose and instead use it as a lip brush. It has the perfect density and bristle length to use with my OCC Lip Tar!
So there you have it! I didn't go absolutely crazy at the show... Although it would have been easy to do so. I just picked up products that I needed and had my eye on so I'm quite proud of myself.
If you went, let me know what you got or what you regret not getting, in the comments box below!
Until next time my loves... Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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  1. I never really appreciated MAC products, I don't know why... But the cream color base looks awesome! I also fell in love with the color of the powder blush.

    I don't know about the cobalt blue eyeshadow... It's one of the things I always think look awesome in their box, but never dare to try. I have very dark eyes, dark hair and rather pale skin, so I don't know if it would look good on me.

  2. The powder blush is so bright that the tiniest touch of it goes a LONG way!!! Lol.

    I'm not sure about the cobalt blue on but its one of those colours that I didn't have and really wanted. I think if I darkened it up with some grey or black it might not look too bad! I guess I'm goin to have to test it out ;)


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