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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Review: Models Own

Hi all.

Hope everyone is doing fine and keeping well. The weather has been so weird in London lately. Its either snowing, raining, hailstones, windy or winter sunshine but either way, its cold! I'm trying my hardest not to get ill before Christmas so I'm taking my vitamins every day and wrapping up warm when I go outside so make sure all of you do too! :)

Now, back to business. I placed an order with Models Own just over a month ago. I'd heard a lot about the products and seen them featured in various magazines so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon too. The website ( is a user-friendly site which is always a good thing. Its colourful, fun and products are seperated into Eyes, Lips, Nails, Face, Accessories, Specials and Gift Vouchers.

I'm not going to waffle on about the website because I'm sure you'll all click over there and have a look for yourselves. Its great and thats all that matters to me.

So after browsing through all the different sections of the site and looking at different colours I finally settled on:

1. Lipgloss: LG009 TANGERINE
2. Eyeshadow: PE048 EXPRESSO
3. Nailpolish: NP075 NUDE BEIGE

When at the checkout, you can get 10% off your first order and get a free nail buffer when entering the code which is shown all over the website.

My order arrived with 5 days and came in a black box with all items wrapped in tissue paper. Inside was a sweet hand written note saying thank you for my purchase and hope I enjoy using the products.

Then, the fun stuff began!

Over the last month, I've used the products and gotten a good feel of the ins and outs of them. I prefer to use a product atleast 5 times before I can give it an honest opinion and review for all those who read my blog :)

I'll start with the nailpolish. I chose the colour simply because it was a nude neutral colour and I had been hunting for the right shade for ages. Well, let me tell you... I WAS IMPRESSED!

The formula was just right. It wasn't thick and sticky and definetly wasn't thin and runny. It dried quickly (always a good thing in my book!) and left a nice finish. The only problem I found with the nailpolish was the smell. I'm not expecting a floral bouquet or anything but the chemical-ish smell kind of let the polish down a bit. Sorry, lovely people at Models Own. I love the nailpolish and everything about it... except the strong smell.

Next goodie from the box was the eyeshadow. It is not a pressed eyeshadow but a loose eyeshadow packed very tightly within the little container it comes with so it doesn't fall all over the place when you're using it. I chose the gorgeous brown shade in Expresso and like the nailpolish, I was very happy with it.

The swatch on the website did not give it any justice because when I opened the tiny jar up, it was a lovely chocolatey brown with flecks of gold glitter in it. Perfect for those wanting to create a smoky eye but not wanting to use black or grey. It was easy to work with and blends easily with different shades allowing you to experiment. Definate thumbs up!

Lastly, the lipgloss. Now, when I went through the shades of the lipglosses I wanted to avoid going for the more obvious shades (i.e Ballet Pink or Violet Cream) and try something different. So I went for 'Tangerine'. Its a nice Summer-esque coral/tangerine (Hence the name) shade that can be put on the lips in all its bright glory or applied with a brush for a sheer wash of colour but still gives the pop of colour to brighten the face. I tried both ways and found that I preferred applying the lipgloss with a brush as I was able to control how much colour I did or did not want.

For those that have read my previous posts or follow me on Twitter will know that I have a tendency to smell my make up. So the smell of the lipgloss was maybe a little bit too much for me. As soon as you place the product on your lips, you can smell some sort of essence of coconut which can be quite pleasant but too much and you'll feel like you've just necked a pina colada. Now that could just be me and my sensitive sense of smell or the product itself but it definetly does remind me of Summer and using my sun tan oil so I guess it brings back good memories which is always nice.

The consistency of the product is not sticky at all. I was worried that I had ordered another sticky lipgloss that will catch on to my hair when I'm out and I'd be forever trying to avoid another mishap. However, I am happy to report that the lipgloss was not sticky and didn't leave you feeling like you had just smeared glue all over your lips. Like I mentioned earlier, as it is a block colour it is better to use you finger or a brush so you can control the amount of product and its direction. Gold star for you Models Own!

I think that covers all points of all 3 products. From smells, to consistency, from colour to application... I'm sure I haven't missed out any vital information. I really enjoyed using the Models Own products and would definetly recommend them to others. They aren't ridiculously priced and the 10% discount is always a plus! Oh yeah, the free nail buffer is a nice little touch to making your first shop with the brand as fun as possible :) Freebies are always fun!

Anyway, I hope this review is enough to make all of you to be confident when shopping with Models Own. The people are lovely and the products are great (besides from the smell). The website is and you can also follow them on Twitter:

Take care my loves, especially in this horrible weather, and remember to

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