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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Holiday Photos - Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Hi all.

So, I blogged and tweeted earlier about how I was going to post some holiday pics up. Well here they are!
I had about 800 to go through. Only put up a few because the rest were either personal or boring.
Anywho, I hope you all enjoy & get jealous if you were stuck here in the crappy UK weather. Haha. Just kidding :)

Take care my loves and remember to

Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your


Bye bye crappy UK

Don't you just want to bounce around on clouds :)

Hellooo Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

The main strip, Naama Bay, at night

Me and my Dad on a boat trip

A bellydancer with a bit too much belly. Honestly, when she wiggled.. So did her flubber. Lol.

Me being vain :)

Was testing out the 'Panoramic View' setting on my camera. Came out looking quite good :)

Me & Mum at dinner

The old man in the leopard print Speedos (I posted a pic of on Twitpic) dons this gettup in the morning. A thong and feather headress. He then goes sailing in his rubber dinghy boat for 2 hours!! Lol.

On the last day. Was sad to go hence the grumpy face!

One last look at the beach and sea before I left :( Boo hoo

Sun setting behind the mountains

Bye bye Sharm el Sheikh :( I'll miss you

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  1. aww.. nice pics.. n dude that guys arse looks naked :(

  2. Ohhh such beautiful photos- I would LOVE to go to Egypt!!! You are so lukcy ;)

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