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Thursday, 12 November 2009

New Moon Fan Party - Report!

Hello my lovelies!

For those of you who follow me on twitter (@6inchstilettos) you'll know that last night I went to the New Moon Fan Party that took place at the Battersea Evolution in Battersea Park, London. Well what can I say except for that it was AMAZING!!!
I know standing around in the cold and getting rained on might not be everyones idea of fun but it was all worth it when I got to see the Hotness himself, Mr. Robert Pattinson!

Before I go into a full fledged report of what went down last night, I have to say that although I am a huge Twilight fan I am not as hardcore as some of the girls that were there. I tip my hat to all you ladies that braved the cold British weather from 3am onwards in the hopes of seeing the Hotness himself. I really hope you got to meet him and it paid off for you! :)

I got to the venue at around 3pm, which seems late considering people had been queuing for the red carpet from 3am! Me and my friend pulled a cheeky stunt, which I will now apologise for (Sorry) but we split up. She stayed in the queue for the wristbands and I stayed in the queue for entry. That way we could secure a great spot. I'm only confessing this now because the event has passed and people can't murder me with looks!

We were ushered down the red carpet past all the fans (Felt quite glam even though it was a totally dressed down event) and then straight in to the venue. The foyer was kitted out with trees and bushes and smoke everywhere which gave it a kind of spooky feel.

Upon entering the actual main area, we were greeted by huge posters of all cast members in their character. We had all of them from Edward, Bella and Jacob to the Volturi and Wolfpack. I was tempted to pull one down and run off with it but I figured that it would be kind of hard to miss a 5'4 girl running off with a 8ft poster of Robert Pattinson, dammit!

Anyway, the venue began filling up quite soon with people sitting on the floor to claim their spot and suddenly the big screens on either side of the stage began flickering. Alex Zane (a British presenter) appears on the screen and gets the crowd outside screaming with excitement. They probably couldn't hear us inside but we were screaming with hysteria too.

Its actually amazing how one story can unite people across the world.

The red carpet looked fun especially with the Volturi family and Wolfpack walking around. The Volturi, complete with red capes, stood stone faced and red eyed while the Wolfpack ran around, semi-naked might I add, freerunning and backflipping away.

After interviewing the Band of Skulls, the Magic Numbers, Wick Godffrey and another guy (can't remember his name) the moment we had all been waiting for arrived.

His Royal Hotness in all his hot glory, Mr. Robert Pattinson stepped out of his car and onto the red carpet to be thrown into the midst of screaming, probably some tears of joy and hyteria. He looked nervous but so happy to be home and around his fans. From what we were shown inside on the big screens, Rob seemed genuinely happy to go around signing things for fans and getting his photo taken.

After a few minutes the gorgeous Taylor Lautner stepped out of his car to a similar reception that Rob has encountered just moments before. With his cheeky smile and two dimples he had the crowd won over in moments. Inside the venue, wolf howls and screams for Jacob got louder and more powerful.

Again, about 5 minutes later, Kristen Stewart arrived in a black coat and black patent heels (6 inch stilettos to be precise!). She looked overwhelmed by the response she got as opposed to one she received when she last came to the UK. The fans seemed to love her just as much as the rest of the cast which was great.

The big screen feed being shown inside then cut off as Nick Grimshaw came on stage and introduced Chris Weitz. He seemed like a great guy except for those hideous mustard trousers he was wearing. Like, really!?!

He introduced the first band, The Band of Skulls! They played a 3 song set and got the crowd really going. As the event got delayed by about 20 minutes, the crowd seemed to be getting restless and tiresome. Well that all changed once the band came on and got everyone jumping around.

Once they finished their set, the Volturi family took their place on stage. I think it was designed to be some sort of distraction but it turned into who could make the Volturi laugh first. Some cracked. Some didn't. There was a little one who was actually kind of creepy!

Nick Grimshaw arrived back on stage to introduce the next band, the Magic Numbers. Again, they performed a 3 song set including their number off the soundtrack. This got the crowd going again and jumping around in the no space there was!

Then, the moment we had all been waiting for. The band completed their set and left the stage. The instruments were replaced with 5 white stools and 5 microphones. This was it. His Royal Hotness was going to be making his entrance!

The presenter appeared back on stage and introduced the cast one by one on to the stage. I can't remember the order in which they appeared because the screaming kind of drowns out my memory but I know that Robert received the craziest and loudest welcome!

They all sat down and the Q&A session began. It was nice to see the cast all bouncing questions off each other and talking about the filming of New Moon with so much passion. Questions fired at Taylor resulted in the crowd chanting "Take It Off" and questions fired at Rob resulted in a load of high pitched screaming.

Chris, Robert, Taylor and Kristen seemed really happy to be able to have attended the party and see fans of their work. They answered questions for about 40 minutes before leaving the stage and being ushered out of the back door. There were rumours that Rob was to pick up a guitar and give us an impromptu perfomance but it didn't happen. Poor guy must be shattered from the travelling anyway!

After they left, a lot of the crowd disappeared. People went and sat back down on the floor while others hit the bar. Some just left the venue completely seeing as the main attraction had now gone too.

I sat around for the last two acts and then left before the 10 minute new New Moon footage. I really didn't want to spoil it for myself even though I've seen pretty much every trailer thats been released!

All in all, it was a great day! I think this report sums up all the highs (seeing Rob) and the lows (waiting out in the cold).

I'll be posting the pics in a seperate post only because this one is mahoooosively long!

I hope I gave you an idea of all the madness from last night.

Take care my darlings and remember to

Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your


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