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Thursday, 12 November 2009

New Moon Fan Party - Pictures!

Hi all!

I hope by now you've all had a chance to read through my full report from last night at the New Moon Fan Party. I tried to rack my brains to remember the questions that were asked but they were all pretty generic. It sucks that my question about the new Stolichnaya shirt that @myrobpattinson sent him didn't get asked. I really wanted it to!!!

Anywho, these are a selection from the pics of last night. I've put them in the order I took them and tried to select the best ones. After a load of colour editing, I think I may have the perfect selection.

I really hope you all enjoy the pics.

Love, hugs and twilight smooches!


The big sign on the stage inside.

Me and Mandy (a.k.a. @couture_fauxpas) at the station

The queues when I got there. The one on the right is for those who already got their tickets. The one on the left is for those waiting to pick up their tickets.

The spooky set up outside.

Another one of the spooky set up outside!

Walking down the red carpet

Me on the red carpet!

Mandy a.k.a. @couture_fauxpas on the red carpet

The 2 of us flashing our wristbands! I have no plans to take this off yet! Lol

Another glimpse of the red carpet

One of the girls in the crowd makes customised hoodies! If you're interested then email me or DM me on twitter

The crowd marking their territory by sitting in their spot!

Claiming my spot near as possible to the front!

The big screens showing us what was going on outside.

The crowd getting hyper because Robert Pattinson had just stepped out on the carpet!!

More of the crowd...

Band of Skulls taking their place on stage after being introduced by Nick Grimshaw and Chris Weitz

The Band of Skulls

Nick Grimshaw (BBC Radio 1 DJ)

The Volturi family taking their place on stage while the crew changed the instruments for the next band!

The girl next to me and her double sided sign! This was on one side...

....and this was on the other!

The Magic Numbers on stage

Another one of The Magic Numbers on stage


Chris Weitz was first on stage

Followed by Miss. Kristen Stewart

The Royal Hotness, Robert Pattinson!!!

Yum yum!

(L-R) Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Chris Weitz & Robert Pattinson

Another group shot

You gotta love Rob's smile!

Kristen telling the story of how she would throw grapes at Taylor and he would catch them "like a dog"... Those were her exact words! Lol.

Still telling her grape throwing story. It was nice to see how they all interacted with each other

Taylor explaining his favourite superhero is Iron Man!

They're so cute!

All four of them laughed at each other and told funny stories from behind the scenes.

Chris laughing at how the crowd keeps screaming whenever someone says "Rob"

You gotta love Rob's fidgeting!

Taylor's questions usually resulted in chants from the crowd saying "Take It Off"

Nearing the end of the Q&A and out time with Rob! Boo hoo :(

Last glimpse of Rob before they all left the stage.
So there you have it guys and girls. The end of a fantastic and star struck night! I think I'm still floating on Cloud 99!
Hopefully I'll catch Rob next when hes home for Christmas!!! Wooo!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have to believe that you must have seen Rob at his absolute happiest being home, so this is truly special. Fantastic story, great pictures, you are wicked awesome, bb! xoxo ~Lost


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