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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Where To Begin...?

So.. Where to begin? I guess this blog was going to happen one day or another. As much as I was trying to avoid becoming a blogger (no offence to the blogging world!!) I didn't want to because I figured that there was plenty of people out there with more interesting things to ramble on about.

However, here I am. Rambling away.

Let me introduce myself as 6inchstilettos. Some may know me as the annoying tweeter from the ever-so-popular 'Twitter'. Others may know me personally but most of the population won't know me at all. This is completely fine and to be honest, I'm not blogging to become an overnight superstar (that's all for the movies).

The oh so riveting reason for me starting up a blog is to share my love of all things beauty (hence the tag line) and fashion (which couldn't fit in the tag line). There will probably be a load of whining, bitching and other random gobbledigook popping up more often than usual, which I'm hoping you'll all put up with!

I'm going to keep this first blog short and sweet... Don't want to bore all of you so soon. I'll save that for later and I assure you, I will bore you at some point.

Luv, hugs and all other hallmark stuff


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