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Friday, 16 October 2009

Kodak Moments... :)

Hello my lovelies!!
Hope you're all doing well and behaving yourself.
I'm doing well but not behaving myself. It's always a lot more fun being rebellious!! :)

All is peachy in the world of 6inchstilettos today, thankfully. Yesterday was a bit of a rubbish day.. After my morning rant about mascara it just went downhill from there. But enough of the past.

As you can tell by the title of the post its time for Kodak Moments (Even though the photos were taken using the crappy camera on my BlackBerry.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you'll know how over excited I've been with my new purchase... Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic. I purchased the Matte one but played around a bit and put a coat of clear nailpolish over it and ta-daaa its now a gloss. Lol.

So this is what the Matte finish looked like before I added the top coat of clear nail varnish. I actually quite like this finish. Its different to all the glossess and metallics you see these days!

This is after I slicked on some clear polish and now it looks totally different. I can't choose which finish I prefer but I do love the formula and consistency of the product. It went on without those awful ribbons of colour appearing and dried super quick, which in my book is a win win!

Also, as I was gandering around MAC in Westfields (a shopping center) the other day I finally bought the colour I've been itching for...'Woodwinked'!!! I've seen it used in loads of YouTube videos by my favourite gurus and have had my eye on it for a while so picked it up when I went in. Its a Veluxe Pearl finish which means you can either layer it on for a more shimmery look or just pat on a lightly for an everyday look.

I used it today, along with Antiqued which is probably one of my all time favourite MAC eyeshadows, and was very impressed with the finished look.

Sorry the quality of the pic is so rubbish. I'll use my digital camera next time!! Plus, I took this just now after a whole day of wear so after all the running around I've done today it was bound to look worn out! Lol. I've got Grain by MAC in the inner corner, Woodwinked all over the lid and Antiqued in the crease/outer V. I think this is goin to be an everyday kind of look for me but would probably smoke it out a bit for an evening look.

Well that's my update for the day... I doubt my day will get any more eventful but then again... I never know where my 6 inch stilettos will take me! :)

Happy Diwali for tomorrow (Its the Hindu Festival of Lights, incase anyone was wondering)

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