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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Review: Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey all.

I've been so lazy lately in blogging that I thought I should make it up to you with a fab product rave... :)
Not much has been happening in the life of the6inchstilettos to be honest. Been getting in some overtime at work and trying to resist the temptations of Boots and Superdrug. Its a lot easier when I'm working.
How have you all been?
For those of you who follow me on twitter, you'll know how much I absolutely love the Beauty UK palettes that are available from Superdrug. There is quite a wide range of products but these palettes are probably my favourite!!
There are 4 palettes in total....

Palette 1 is PASTELS

I swatched the shades so you could get a look.. All of them are really pigmented and so easy to work with.. I found that some shades (i.e. the yellow) aren't as pigmented as the others but once you pack it on it'll give a really pretty glow :)

Palette 2 is MATTE BRIGHTS

I LOVE this palette! The colours are true to the look of them and give such a good finish that you can't go wrong!! You can see from the swatches how vibrant they all are and thats just from one stroke.. I've used them slightly wet before on my eyes and they worked really well too.


For some reason my camera didn't quite pick up the shimmer in the swatches but if you check out my TwitPic photos, you can get another look with the shimmer. Like the other palettes, they are all really pigmented and the colours blend well together and are soft to work with.

Palette 4 is NEUTRALS

All the shades are matte but have a hint of shimmer but no glitter like palette 3. I use this palette near enough everyday and can throw it in my bag just incase I need to touch up during the day. All colours are neutral enough to be worn to work and the matte black allows you to smoke it out if you're going out in the evening! Win Win!!!

Each palette is priced at £3.42 on Superdrug's website and will probably be the same in store.

Personally, I think that is a bloody good price for a palette of 10 super pigmented shadows that suit all eye colours! I've had them and been using them for about 6 months now and they're still going strong. I'm a big fan of Mac shadows (like everyone else!) but not a big fan of the price tag... These are cheap, cheerful & fantastic!

Anywho, hopefully that will give all of you an idea of why I'm always banging on about them on Twitter and maybe even make some of you go out there and buy them!!
For international readers, try looking for the palettes on ebay.. I bought one off there when it was sold out in the store so I'm pretty sure you can too. They're worth it!!

Love, kisses and squishy cuddles for you all and remember

Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your


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  1. Well that's me officially sold

    *plans trip to Superdrug*

    Beautiful swatches! xxx

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